Knowledge Management

The value of intangibles.

Organizational paradigms have been evolving, particularly during the last decades, accordingly to the new economic, cultural and technological scenarios and they relate tightly to innovation and the new models of collaboration and interaction. This translates into internal dynamics that ask for the management of intangible assets to contribute to enhance their interrelations and thus to develop the collective intelligence. The value of intellectual assets for the corporations is such that its management is key for their survival and competitiveness, and though of a different nature, of no less value in public organizations.

To begin with, there is no unique definition or criterium for the conceptualization of knowledge management and thus no unique model for its development. Instead, we positively can insist on the need of a broad focus and particularly on the necessary interdisciplinary integration. The mere genesis of knowledge is a dynamic as well as interactive process that combines interdisciplinary mechanisms of knowledge conversion so that whatever the specialty involved there is a high risk of ending up with models that are either skewed or monolithic.

In our own case, we come from the software and information management engineering oriented to knowledge management. This kind of project experience and change management practice combine themselves to produce our original approach that is complementary and consistent with our vision and services: the capacity of comprehension of the complexity of the several realities and the integration of multiple diverse perspectives, knowledge and skills affect the creation of value in organizations.

  • Organizational strategies diagnosis and design
  • Knowledge maps construction
  • Design of Knowledge Management models and processes
  • Knowledge Management methodology and development activities
  • Conformation and development of knowledge centers and networks.
  • Knowledge Management indicators systems.
  • Observatories design and implementation, as an instrument to support Knowledge Management.
  • Model design training and workshops
  • Personalized training for enterprises.
  • Knowledge Management model training
  • Project Management and StrategySupport.
  • Knowledge Management Components plan and execution.

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